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Community Center

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About Us

Welcome to Des Moines New Age Shop and Community Center, your destination for all your metaphysical needs in Des Moines, Iowa! Established in 2013, we are more than just a store - we are a vibrant community hub dedicated to providing answers and guidance for seekers on their spiritual journey.


At Des Moines New Age Shop, we offer a wide range of products to support your spiritual practice, including crystals, gemstones, tarot and oracle cards, incense, candles, essential oils, books, ritual tools, jewelry, pendulums and dowsing tools, and smudging supplies. Whether you are looking for tools for meditation, healing, or divination, we have something for everyone.


In addition to our products, we also provide a variety of services to help you explore and deepen your spiritual path. Our experienced practitioners offer tarot readings, psychic medium sessions, past life regressions, and psychic readings to help you gain insight, clarity, and healing.


Visit Des Moines New Age Shop and Community Center to connect with like-minded individuals, explore the mysteries of the universe, and empower yourself on your spiritual journey. We are here to support you every step of the way.


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