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The Psychic Roundtable : Soul Contracts

This Thursday night's The Psychic Roundtable topic (8:30pm ish) will be on Soul Contracts a- how they affect us, our lives and our loved ones- how a massive soul contract ending is affecting the world around us and everyone's experiences with that!

Joining us will be:

Gypsy- #wiccan High priestess and long-time community activist

Denise Vasquez- Intuitive reader, Medium and so much more

Mick Lynn- Intuitive reader

Emily - Uriel's Flame: Mediumship & Reiki - #medium Reikimaster , #psychic 

Yvette Keys- Psychic & #tarot reader (With hopefully no tech issues)

And possibly:

 Matt- DPART- #paranormal Investigator

Yumi frm Ancient Connections- Psychic

Along with both Nicole & Spiral Healing Energies in the comments as they have almost no voice from being under the weather.

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