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The Psychic RoundTable: Cryptids

Hey Folks,

This Thursday on the #psychicroundtable (8:30pm ish) we will have some Round Table chat & then be speaking on the topic of Cryptids - #cryptozoology, so chupacabras, mothman, bigfoot, nessie, yeti's and such as well as some Cryptoanthropology discussion - Atlantis , Lemuria, Mu, etc:)!

Joining us will be:

Thor- Mystic Researcher, #psychicvampire ,

Cryptid Enthusiast

Symone- Willow tree readings- #Tarot readings

Matt- DPART- #paranormal Investigator

*Melissa- local #cryptids enthusiast

*Along with both Nicole & Spiral Healing Energies in the comments as they have almost no voice from being under the weather.*

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