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Alicia's Desk News & Updates season 2 is up!

Hey All,

Welcome back to Alicia's Desk for season 2!

Last season was super short due to absolute flamey chaos, so I am super siked for this season!

We have a bunch of new stuff- not the least of which are funky backgrounds, a new intro & outro courtesy of Dennis from Theater Genesis, t-shirts and our own Spotify channel (remember to download the app so you can see the videos!)!

The lineup is going to be(for now):

Sunday at midnight: A News & Updates blast about the different goings on for Alicia's Desk(new stuff, art shows & competitions, writing updates and competitions and so on and so forth)

Wednesday at midnight: Spooky StoryTime episode

Friday at midnight : Storytime Episode

and then either a sleepy story time episode or a guest author or co written story episode as a off and on bonus episode for the week, depending on how many get done :D These will air over the weekends.

*keep in mind, we are still experimenting with days and times so these could change if we see a need to. Also I am posting these at midnight so as they can be ready to send you all off in the mornings on a fun and happy note!

*Also I am going to be recording these instead of livestreaming them so as I can read the stories at a steady clip. If you would like to comment on these episodes & stories, please feel free-I love your feedback!

You can also find most of these on my Vocal account(Writing platform)- Alicia Anspaugh.

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